What does a good translation have in common with a top-of-the range car?

Well, just like high-end car manufacturers such as BMW, Porsche or Audi, at Shamrock, we believe that our product requires the best raw materials, cutting edge equipment, robust processes, an effective quality assurance system and a dedicated management team.  BMW, Porsche and Audi are in the business of delivering fast, accurate, reliable and high-quality cars; we are in the business of delivering fast, accurate, reliable and high-quality translations.

Raw materials: We have a highly skilled international team of translators who translate exclusively into their native language: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and so on. Furthermore, we have technical translators who have specialized in areas such as law, finance, mining, politics, social sciences, environment, energy, tourism, media and marketing and wine. An experienced translator who is passionate about the topic produces high-quality, accurate translations that really stand out from the rest.

Cutting-edge equipment: We use the latest hardware and software in our work, such as Computer Aided Translation software, to deliver consistency in the terminology used in large translations or for frequent customers.

Robust processes: Each translation is coordinated by a project manager, who ensures that it passes through every step in our process. Just like many of our industrial clients, we have full traceability, so your translation can be tracked from the moment we provide the quotation through to the final delivery and beyond.

Quality assurance system: We have an effective quality assurance system to guarantee the consistency and accuracy of our service. Every translation is proofread by another translator to ensure that it is of the highest quality. We have policies and standards regarding quality and confidentiality.

Management team: At Shamrock, we have an international team of translation project managers, who liaise with each customer to check their requirements, select the best translators for the job and monitor each project to ensure that the work is of the best quality and delivered on time. They also take responsibility for safeguarding your confidentiality at all times.