Case study: Nexos

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“It isn’t easy to find a company like Shamrock, able to provide the range of services with a team of professionals trained to address specific topics. And, perhaps even more important, they only take on a commitment when they know that they can fulfill it to the required standard.”

Executive Summary

Nexos is a highly experienced strategic communications company that advises major Chilean companies, some of whom need documentation, such as Annual Reports, translated into English.


Each year, a major Chilean financial services client needs their complete Annual Report written, translated, designed and printed within a tight timeframe. Nexos has outsourced the translation of this document to Shamrock for the last three years. The 2015 version of this report contained 93,000 words (around the same length as a novel) and we had one month to complete the translation.

“I can be confident of a good result. And, if any changes are needed, I know that the Shamrock team will work with me until the client is completely satisfied.”

How Shamrock helps

Shamrock has a bank of experienced freelance translators with different fields of specialization, so we are able to assign a team of financial translators to work together in order to meet the tight timeframe required by this customer.

As a company, we are used to working on large and complex projects and have well-established procedures in place to ensure we handle the projects efficiently and deliver good quality work on time.

For instance, we work with Computer Aided Translation software to help us ensure consistency of terminology.

We also assign a proofreader who checks the entire document for consistency and to ensure that no errors have slipped through.


We deliver peace of mind. An Annual Report is a document with significant impact on the prestige of a company. Nexos and their customers know that they can rely on us to do the job well, deliver on time and ensure confidentiality.

“Shamrock’s service is more than just a translation: they give advice. When what is needed is a translation in a very tight timeframe, Helen or Alexandra will always suggest the best way of achieving the best possible result, without compromising on quality, and optimizing timeframes. All this with the certainty that they will meet the deadline. And, if they can’t meet a deadline, they would prefer to lose a customer than deliver a poor-quality product in too short a time. This is very hard to find these days. They will always defend the quality of their service.”